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Reliable and professional auditors in Erdington and Birmingham

An audit can help provide a transparent overview of a business’s finances, shine a light on areas where inefficiencies lie and ensure your accounting practices comply with current regulations. Our associated company Summer Road Audit Limited are Registered Auditors with the proper expertise and level of experience to provide your company with a detailed and accurate financial audit.

What does an audit entail?

An independent audit will examine all of the company’s financial records and any related data and business processes to make recommendations to improve efficiency. An auditor will meet with management and staff members to ask questions about financial practices and perform analytical tests to determine the accuracy of financial records.

What are the benefits of an independent audit?

An independent audit by a professional firm of auditors eliminates the risk of conflicts of interest and protects shareholders and investors by delivering an audit that is transparent and has integrity. The main benefits include:

  • A detailed and accurate account of your company’s financial position
  • A breakdown of areas where your company is financially weak and steps you can take to redress the issue
  • An assurance that your accounts comply with all the relevant statutory requirements and regulations

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Why employ Summer Road Audit Limited as your auditors?

Our team of Registered Auditors and Chartered Accountants have a fantastic reputation in Erdington and Birmingham for delivering high-quality statutory audit services using our internal quality control procedures. We audit businesses across various industries and can conduct audits under charity, corporate, friendly society or pension legislation and for organisations that require a non-statutory audit. Contact our friendly and enthusiastic team today for more information on our auditing services.